Sustainability Drive at Gulf Extrusions

From site location, design, and construction to operation, maintenance, and removal; Gulf Extrusions strives to increase efficiency in the use of fewer natural resources while reducing impact on people's health and on the environment. Gulf Extrusions has been on the path of sustainable development through the years by taking initiatives in various areas such as:

Plant Buildings

There is maximum use of wind energy in factory building and warehouse for the building ventilation system We have installed a state of art ventilation system capable to change the air volume of the building by around 150,000 m3 and 15 times’ folds in an hour at 8 knots wind speed. The electrical power saving from this practice is 750,000 KWhr/year with this initiative.

Recycling Processes

A treatment plant to produce water from liquid waste water from various surface treatment processes is effectively in use. The water produced from this recycling process, is used to irrigate 1500 trees within the company premises.

Gulf Extrusions has installed minimal liquid waste processes in the surface treatment plants. Two demi-recycling plants are in operation, in order to meet the requirements of de-mineralized water.

An in-house aluminium extrusion scrap re-melting plant with recycling capacity of 12,000 MT/year.