thermal break sliding-900

  • Features glass - 24mm
  • Frame: 90mm – 123.5mm
  • Sash: 38mm
  • Assembly of the frame cut 900 and of the sash cut 450
  • Fly screen can be used from inside and outside

The 900 Thermal Break Sliding System is designed for heavy duty use (H-HC40) according to the American National Standard. The 900 thermal break with 16mm polyamide insulation has the sought after properties of high thermal resistance, rigidity hardness and strength.

The importance of thermal conductivity in the aluminium frame becomes apparent when one considers that the frame accounts for an average of 25% of the total window surface.

The System covers two, three and four sashes including profiles for top and bottom fixed lights. Special lids have been designed to cover the frame tracks at the area where the sliding shutter is fixed.

In order to meet the needs of today’s architects, window and door systems must be provided in a variety of colours, bi-coloration is also an option. This system has the special advantage of permitting subsequent application of all presently known surfaces suitable for use with aluminium either before or after the thermal break strips have been assembled.

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