montana 120mm

  • Features glass – 24mm
  • Montana system has been tested at Al-Futtaim Exova
    • Air infiltration - ASTM E283-04
    • Water penetration - ASTM E331-00 (static)
    • Wind resistance - ASTM E330-02 (serviceability)
    • Wind resistance - ASTM E330-02 (safety)
  • Frame: 120mm
  • Sash: 37.4mm
  • Fly screen can be used from inside & outside
  • The system covers Arch shape, two, three & four sash including profiles from top and bottom fixed lights.
  • Assembly of the Frame & Sash cut 450

The New Montana Thermal Break 120mm Sliding System is designed for heavy duty use (H-HC40) according to the American National Standard. The Montana thermal break with 16mm fiberglass reinforced polyamide insulation has the sought after properties of high thermal resistance, rigidity, hardness and strength.

The system consists of a single frame and sash profile that will be used on all four sides, with snap on track-clips.

The system covers two, three and four sashes including profiles for top and bottom fixed lights. This system has the special advantage of permitting subsequent application of all presently known surfaces suitable for use with aluminium either after or before the thermal break strips have been assembled along with bi-coloration option.

Durable weather sealing mastic is a must at all joints. Such as roller & flush handles comes as part of the system.

Montana comes with full range of certified custom designed accessories. This includes special handles, unique universal mechanism, tested rollers, multi point locking and more. Montana handles are available in a wide range of colours. Click below to view and download the full range of Montana accessories brochure.

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