vortex 70mm

  • Features glass – 6mm to 32mm
  • The system can provide the possibility of large glass panels
  • The system used for four way
  • The system used in high structures

Vortex 70 is a unique curtain wall structure that combines multi-structural grid to create various aspects, starting with four way structural curtain wall systems. Vortex 70 has proven to be a curtain wall solution perfectly tailored to the Middle East market requirement.


The “Vortex 70” system consists of 70mm width structure components allowing several external appearances. It is fast to manufacture and to install. With the wide range of profile selection, the system can provide the possibility of large glass panels, maintaining the stiffness and rigidity of the curtain wall structure. Mullions can be reinforced by Aluminium or Steel tubes to enhance the free span area, making it possible for the use in high structures.

Special casements for the “Vortex 70” system have been developed giving two options of cold and thermally insulated profiles. Casements are Italian openings with selected stay arms to ensure the tightness and stability of the opening. Vortex uses the same structures for multifunctional applications.

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